AO-OpenCom Middleware Plaftform




AO-OpenCom is an Aspect Oriented Middleware platform providing dynamic reconfiguration of distributed aspects. The platform builds on the OpenCom component model and the distributed component framework. Aspect composition in AO-OpenCom employs components to play the role of aspects; that is an aspect is simply an OpenCom component. Aspects are composed at runtime using so-called interceptor-connectors, which are specialised OpenCom connectors that support the dynamic insertion of aspect-components. OpenCom is programming language independent, so AO-OpenCom employs a language-independent XML-based pointcut language.

The AO-OpenCom platform supports distribution of aspect-components in a transparent manner using a distributed meta framework and also supports remote aspects using remote connectors. The AO-OpenCom platform takes advantage of the OpenCom programming model, by it being target domain independent, independent of the deployment enviroment and having negligle runtime overhead being built using a minimal kernel approach [Coulson, 08].

The pointcut language supports remote quantifications to capture join points located on multiple address-space and instantiation of remote advices. The use of a Semantic Resolution Engine (SRE) ensures compositional consistency for both local and remote aspect reconfiguration transparently. The platform also uses the Reconfiguration cyclic dependency resolution (ReCycle) engine to resolve cyclic dependencies that may occur when reconfiguring both local and remote aspects.

The platform also makes use of the Consistency Framework (COF) to provide consistent distributed dynamic reconfiguration of local and distributed (replicated and remote) aspects.