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Room B50,
School of Computing and Communications,
Infolab21, South Drive,
Lancaster University,
LA1 4WA.
Tel: +44 1524 510357
Fax: +44 1524 510492

Paul Rayson

I try to respond to all emails within 2/3 days unless I'm out of the office. If you need an immediate answer, it is best to phone me or arrange a meeting!!
Last updated 25th November 2016

I am director of the UCREL research centre and a Reader in the School of Computing and Communications, in the Infolab21 building at Lancaster University in Lancaster, UK. A long term focus of my work is the application of semantic-based NLP in extreme circumstances where language is noisy e.g. in historical, learner, speech, email, txt and other CMC varieties. My applied research is in the areas of dementia detection, online child protection, cyber security, learner dictionaries, and text mining of historical corpora and annual financial reports. I am a co-investigator of the five-year ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) which is designed to bring the corpus approach to bear on a range of social sciences. I'm also a member of the multidisciplinary centre Security Lancaster, and Lancaster Digital Humanities, and the Data Science Institute.

Teaching (2016-17):

  • SCC312: Languages and Compilation
PhD supervision:
  • I'm currently supervising eight students: Matt Coole (co-supervised with John Mariani), Matt Edwards (co-supervised with Awais Rashid), Laura Löfberg (co-supervised with Andrew Wilson), Andrew Moore (co-supervised with Steven Young), Alex Reinhold (co-supervised with Ian Gregory), Jawad Shafi, Muhammad Sharjeel (both co-supervised with Adeel Nawab), and John Vidler (co-supervised by Andrew Scott).
  • Seven of my students have completed: Alistair Baron (Dealing with spelling variation in Early Modern English texts); Eddie Bell; Ricardo Gacitua (OntoLancs: an evaluation framework for ontology learning by ensemble methods); Katharina MacInnes; Sheryl Prentice; (both co-supervised with Paul Taylor) Patrick Tschorn (Incremental inductive logic programming for learning from annotated corpora); and Stephen Wattam (joint with Maths and Stats, previously co-supervised with Damon Berridge).

Major research projects and activities:

Software: It's all me, me, me ...

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