ELRA Corpora Catalogue: Preliminary questionnaire


ELRA, the European Linguistic Resources Association, is seeking to revamp its catalogue of linguistic resources, in order to improve the information available to its current and potential users.

Lancaster University is undertaking the initial stages of rebuilding the catalogue. As a first step we would like to invite corpus users of all types, whether in Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Language Teaching or other fields, to give their opinions regarding the desirable types of information to be stored in the catalogue.

The responses we gather from this survey will provide the basis for a questionnaire to be sent to the compilers of corpora and other resources distributed by ELRA. The information provided by answers to this second form will, in turn, form the basis of the new catalogue.

If you would like to participate in the first stage of the review, please fill out the relevant form(s) below:

Date of issue of this questionnaire: 4 NOVEMBER 1998