James P.G. Sterbenz

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Visiting Professor of Computing
Computing Department
InfoLab 21
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Lancaster University
Lancaster, Lancashire, UK
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CV at http://jpgs.sterbenz.org
Associate Professor
The University of Kansas
  Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science     Communications and Networking Systems Laboratory  
School of Engineering Edwards Campus   Information & Telecommunication Technology Center  
3036 Eaton Hall   209 Nichols Hall
1520 West 15th St 12600 Quivira Rd 2335 Irving Hill Rd
Lawrence Overland Park Lawrence
Kansas Kansas Kansas
66045-7621 66213-2402 66045-7612
38.957 N 95.254 W   38.952 N 95.264 W
+1 785 864 8846   +1 785 864 7972
<jpgs@eecs.ku.edu> <jpgs@ittc.ku.edu>
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ACM <jpgs@acm.org> PO Box 4050
IEEE <jpgs@ieee.org> Lawrence, KS 66046-1050 USA
IEEE ComSoc <jpgs@comsoc.org> +1 508 944 3067
IEICE (Japan) <jpgs@m.ieice.org> Skype: jpgsterbenz
IEE (UK) <jpgsterbenz@iee.org> <jpgs@sterbenz.org>
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Since I maintain a research office in Nichols Hall, a teaching office in Eaton Hall, may be on Edwards campus, or travelling, I strongly advise emailing or calling before expending any significant effort in finding me. Until I arrive in the fall email is the only practical way to reach me.


Interests and Projects

My research interests span a wide range of areas in networking and communication among distributed systems and applications, particularly in new, challenging, and novel contexts and application scenarios:


Note: I will be hiring a graduate research assistant in the near future. Read this information before contacting me.


Full list coming soon; selected publications available through research links above.

My book High-Speed Networking: A Systematic Approach to High-Bandwidth Low-Latency Communication



Other classes and tutorials

Professional Activities and Service

Coming soon.


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