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May 25th: Call for papers and website published

July 30th: The submission deadline has been extended to August 9th 23:59 GMT

Sep 15th: The notification date has been put back to the 17th September to accommodate the reviewing process.

Workshop Goals

Next generation middleware systems will require a high degree of flexibility with regards to the diversity of situation they can be used for (from wireless sensor networks to large-scale grids). The challenges for these middleware solutions therefore consists in adapting to the diversity of platforms and networks as well as the fluctuating operating conditions while preserving their quality of service.

The goal of the ARM workshop series ( RM2000, RM2003, ARM ’04, ARM’05, ARM’06, ARM ’07, ARM’08) is to bring together researchers working on techniques and middleware platforms to engineer dynamic adaptations in distributed systems. In particular this 8th incarnation welcomes contributions about the following issues related to adaptive middleware in the face of increasing scale and complexity of distributed systems (e.g. from the emergence of Systems of Systems and Cloud computing):

  • Heterogeneity: middleware solutions enabling the adaptation of systems-of-systems, i.e., systems spanning different technologies and environments, and/or covering the system layers (e.g., devices, OSs, networks, applications);
  • Dependability: middleware techniques enabling adaptive dependability and/or dependable adaptations to improve the resilience of adaptive systems to software and/or hardware faults;
  • Sustainability: middleware platforms enhancing the sustainability of systems to support the diverse evolutions of a system. This topic also includes the definition of reusable methodologies and techniques for adapting various systems;
  • Scalability: middleware techniques to support the large-scale adaptations of systems, including: peer-to-peer platforms; network- centric systems; grid computing; cloud computing; sensor networks; and pervasive and mobile applications.
  • Security: middleware mechanisms tackling the issues related to the security of adaptive systems. This topic encloses mechanisms to improve the security of adaptive systems or to apply adaptation technics to enhance security solutions.

For each of these issues, the workshop is interested in contributions to the scenario, the indicators, and in particular the metrics used to assess the quality of the proposed solutions.

Workshop Proceedings will be made available through The ACM Digital Library.