9.00 Welcome and Opening Remarks

9.15 Keynote talk: "Secure Distributed Application Configuration" by Christof Fetzer

Modern cloud-native applications consist of a set of microservices. To reduce the end-to-end latency and improve availability, the microservices might be running across a set of clouds. One needs to provide these microservice with secrets, for example, for them to be able to communicate with each other. I will present how our SCONE framework supports the secure distributed configuration of microservices. SCONE is based on Intel SGX enclaves. I will present performance measurements of the run-time overhead of configuring microservices and the overhead of running microservices inside of enclaves.
Prof. Dr. Christof Fetzer (M) has received his diploma in Computer Science from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (December 1992) and his Ph.D. from UC San Diego (March 1997). He joined AT&T Labs-Research in August 1999 and had been a principal member of technical staff until March 2004. Since April 2004 he heads the Heinz-Nixdorf endowed chair in Systems Engineering in the Computer Science Department at TU Dresden. He is the chair of the Distributed Systems Engineering International Masters Program at the Computer Science Department. Prof. Dr. Fetzer has published over 150 research papers in the field of dependable distributed systems, has been a member of more than 50 program committees, has recently won three best paper awards (DEBS2013, LISA2013, SRDS2014), his PhD students have won two best student paper awards (IEEE Cloud 2014, DSN2015), and the EuroSys Roger Needham Award 2014. He currently coordinates two EU H2020 projects: SERECA and SecureCloud.

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11.00 Management of multi-cloud virtualized systems (chair: M. Faten Zhani)

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14.00 Fog and edge computing (chair: Tobias Distler)

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