Recent years have seen significant growth in the cloud computing market, both in terms of provider competition (including private cloud offerings) and customer adoption. This has brought about an increasing number of federated cloud architectures, i.e. cloud systems that span across multiple cloud provisioning boundaries.

However, the cloud computing world still lacks any standards in terms of programming interfaces. This has a knock-on effect on the costs associated with interoperability and severely limits application and infrastructure flexibility and portability. Limited work has been done to present the overheads associated with cloud federation and even less attention has been given to mitigating such costs.

CrossCloud is an international workshop collocated with INFOCOM'14 that aims to bring together a congregation of systems researchers who have relevant knowledge and experience pertaining to assembling federated cloud architectures. The objective is to provide a forum for novel approaches in mitigating different costs associated with building federated cloud systems, to present up to date results on emerging design choices, and to facilitate sharing of experiences and best practices in this regard.


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