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Updated on 9-April-2018


I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of distributed systems at Lancaster University, and a visiting professor at École de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal. Bio[bio]

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Research Agenda

I work to enable distributed applications to traverse different sorts of infrastructural boundaries. In the context of cloud computing, this entails looking into API interoperability and migration technologies, as well as related decision support issues. These and more challenges are collectively referred to as Cross-Cloud Computing.

I am interested in fog computing, particularly adaptive edge resource placement using micro-clouds. I am equally interested in resource-rich deployments (e.g. IoT) and resource-poor ones (e.g. data centre-remote locations).

I also work on border-free network architectures in intent-driven systems, systems of systems, and information centric networks. Finally, I advocate network-awareness which involves measuring networked systems, evaluating network protocols, and proposing new network management strategies.

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Below is a selected list, in reverse chronological order. The full list is available here.

"Adaptive Service Deployment using In-Network Mediation"
By Elhabbash, Blair, Tyson, and Elkhatib
CNSM, 2018
Using intents to unburden end-user applications from the costly search for providers in dynamic and large-scale environments.
"Adaptive Deep Learning Model Selection on Embedded Systems "
By Taylor, Sanz Marco, Wolff, Elkhatib, and Wang
LCTES, 2018
An adaptive scheme to determine which DNN model to use for a given input, trading off the desired levels of accuracy and inference time.
"On Using Micro-Clouds to Deliver the Fog"
By Elkhatib, Porter, Ribeiro, Zhani, Qadir, and Rivière
Internet Computing, 2017
Experiments investigating the feasibility and readiness of micro-clouds formed by collections of Raspberry Pis to host fog applications particularly for network-constrained environments.
"Mapping Cross-Cloud Systems: Challenges and Opportunities"
By Elkhatib
HotCloud, 2016
Defining and classifying cross-cloud systems, and identifying future research and business directions.
"Daleel: Simplifying Cloud Instance Selection Using Machine Learning"
By Samreen, Elkhatib, Rowe, and Blair
NOMS, 2016
Using ML to find the optimal match between customer demands and available IaaS service offerings.
"It Bends but Would it Break? Topological Analysis of BGP Infrastructures in Europe"
By Frey, Elkhatib, Rashid, Follis, Vidler, Race, and Edwards
EuroS&P, 2016
Threat model, disruption scenarios, and mitigation and recovery strategies from measuring European BGP infrastructures.
"Passive Network Awareness as a Means for Improved Grid Scheduling"
By Elkhatib, and Edwards
Journal of Grid Computing, 2015
Monitoring network state for enhanced grid scheduling.
"Web Technologies for Environmental Big Data"
By Vitolo, Elkhatib, Reusser, Macleod, and Buytaert
Environmental Modelling & Software, 2015
An overview of technical concepts and implementations of web-based processing of large and heterogeneous datasets.
"Just browsing? Understanding user journeys in online TV"
By Elkhatib, Killick, Mu, and Race
ACM Multimedia, 2014
What do users do before they eventually find video content they consume?
"Dataset on Usage of a Live & VoD P2P IPTV Service"
By Elkhatib, Mu, and Race
P2P, 2014
A dataset of user statistics collected from a P2P multimedia service that delivers both live and VoD content.DATA ACCESS
"Can SPDY Really Make the Web Faster?"
By Elkhatib, Tyson, and Welzl
IFIP Networking, 2014
A comprehensive evaluation of SPDY using extensive experiments with varied network and website characteristics.
"Towards Network-wide QoE Fairness using OpenFlow-assisted Adaptive Video Streaming"
By Georgopoulos, Elkhatib, Broadbent, Mu, and Race
FhMN, 2013
Using SDN to deliver optimal QoE across multiple streaming devices in a network.
"A Trace-Driven Analysis of Caching in Content-Centric Networks"
By Tyson, Kaune, Miles, Elkhatib, Mauthe, and Taweel
ICCCN, 2012
Investigating, through simulation, the potential of caching data at the router-level in content-centric networks.

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