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This is my new web home, while working at the Computing Department at Lancaster University. It is a direct port of the pages I had at Starlab NV/SA. I had put a lot of effort into my old pages at the MIT Media Lab between 1994 and 1996, but have had little personal web activity then. This will therefore hopefully be a web home for new stuff I make, and for transitioning old content over.

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    Following are some things you can find on this site:
  • I made a video (or two) of a lunar eclipse, here in Lancaster. It's kind of cute. (Jan 2001)
  • I finally sorted out how to handle Server-Side Includes. That means I have a "last-modified" tag on the bottom of my page. I also learned to do it in order to serve the project that I'm working on, the RETRIEVE project.
  • Oh look. looks kind of cute. My current mood is:The current mood of at
  • Starlab, the band, had a spurt of creative activity in the two weeks before I left. First there was a video session in the back garden, the best product of which can be seen on my free site courtesy of That song then formed the structure of one of the nine songs we recorded the next week, which resulted in an album's worth of material being going from vague ideas, through recording, to mixing, packaging, and duplication within forty-eight hours. I won't make any strong assertions about the quality, other than to say it's the most unified mood Starlab has created yet. And that mood is "very trippy". The music can be found at our site. (June 2000, external links)
  • Starting during my last month in Belgium, I started keeping a journal at the LiveJournal site. As with so many of my projects, it starts out strong, only to become more sporadic... (June 2000, external links)
  • I've been Nonkertompfed! My email to the creator of a new independent label is featured on the Exowax label's home page. (September 1999, external links)
  • More of our studio music is being featured on's website, courtesy of Richard Wheeler's efforts. (September 1999)
  • A series of pages (under construction) documenting the Starlab eclipse field trip. (August 1999)
  • A page documenting about 5 of my 15 minutes of net.fame, with a ludicrously long e-mail address that was publicised on the AWAD list. (August 1999)
  • A bit of experimental music done live in the Starlab Studio. (August 1999)
  • A self-portrait movie made from a series of digital stills. (July 1999)
  • A bit of photomanipulation art. (June 1999)
  • Photos from a recent trip to Spain. (June 1999)
  • Various photos of Starlab's offices in Zaventem, Belgium, and various employees and other inhabitants (and taken with my digital camera). (December 1998)
  • A remix of a song by Jim's Big Ego, changing it from 7/8 time to 4/4. (September 1997)



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