NORMATE was founded by Dr Michael Ohletz in 1992 whilst working on the ARCIMEDES project at Hannover University. The network is now managed and maintained by the Microsystems Research Group at Lancaster University in the UK on a voluntary basis.

NORMATE's objectives are to:
Provide industrial and academic research engineers working in the field of mixed signal and analogue testing with a facility for rapid and comprehensive access to information.
  Serve as a dissemination facility for new techniques, tools, products and scientific advances.
  Promote the "science" of testing to the wider community.
The NORMATE Website
The site has been split into a public area that aims to provide the microelectronics community in general with summary information on advances in the field and a member area that has been designed to provide active researchers with a facility to:
Assist in establishing links with groups working in related areas.
  Assist in the compilation of the most recent publications in specific topics.
  Access benchmark circuits and results from benchmarking exercises.
  Provide industrial engineers with recent academic advances, news on new products and access to a "pool" of experts in specific topics.
In general, the work being carried out by members of NORMATE aims to:
Reduce the cost of testing mixed signal and analogue functions.
  Improving the quality of the test process and hence the quality of outgoing products.
  Advance the science of self-test, design-for-testability and on-line monitoring.
  Develop diagnostic functions to improve characterisation and in-the-field troubleshooting.
  Improve the test support infrastructure through advances in computer aided test (CAT)
  Improve the efficiency and performance of test implementation through advances in ATE and test generation.
  Propose, develop and implement design solutions to assist the test development and test implementation process.
  Assist the design community to realise efficient solutions for implementing fault tolerant and/or testable designs to meet time-to-market and cost requirements expected and demanded by the user community.
  To address application specific mixed signal and analogue test issues related to boards, ASIC'S, MEMS, custom IC's and SOC's, MCM's and MCP's and Microsystems.

It is now widely accepted that the continued growth in complexity and performance of integrated circuits is now elevating the importance of mixed signal and analogue test. The emergence of the automotive and mobile communication market and more recently the migration towards System-on-Chip and MEMS to support post 2000 IT systems requires, in almost all cases a mixed signal test infrastructure. Even next generation digital chips will require a mixed signal approach to testing due to power supply decreases and GHz frequencies. It is our hope that NORMATE will help the community solve these problems and where necessary, assist in the educational process through information dissemination.