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Panagiotis N. Georgopoulos

PhD Candidate & Researcher
School of Computing and Communications


Room: D31 Office / A27 Lab
Tel: +44 (0) 1524 510382
Email: panos [AT] comp.lancs.ac.uk

Research Themes

Security and AAA in a Mobile IPv6 Context
Host and Network Mobility
Mobile Networking
Location Awareness / Presence Management

Panagiotis N. Georgopoulos

Overview of Activities

Disclaimer (of some sort) : Research can be very hard and demanding sometimes, but it is also fun and worth doing! It provides the opportunity to be creative, innovative and get your "Eureka" moments in the laboratory (even at 4.00am) :-) That's why I am doing it!

My PhD research focuses on designing a Unified Architecture that provides data and access Security, Privacy and AAA for Mobile Hosts and Mobile Networks.

Mobile IP (either v4 or V6) and Network Mobility protocols (such as the NEMO Basic Support Protocol) have been developed for a few years now to facilitate host and network mobility. However, these protocols do not enjoy real-life deployment, because secure network access and secure transmission of data is not ensured. Being able to Authenticate, Authorize and Account (AAA) mobile nodes and mobile network nodes is nowadays a necessity, from both the access network and the mobile node's point of view. Requesting and granting network access to mobile nodes and networks where no prior trust has been defined is a complex task as users require seamless and unobtrusive roaming and data security, whereas access networks require Authentication, Authorization and Accounting of mobile nodes in an dynamic fashion

Panos' (short of Panagiotis) other research interests include Location Awareness / Presence Management systems, Mobile Computing, LOC/ID routing and Wireless Sensor Networks.


Panagiotis Georgopoulos is a PhD candidate in the Network Mobility Research Group (part of the Networked and Distributed Systems Research Theme) in the Computing Department at Lancaster University. He obtained a MSc Degree with Distinction in Critical Software Engineering from the same Department in 2007, having been awarded an EPSRC studentship. Before that (2006), he obtained a Computer Science and Telecommunications Engineer BSc Degree (graduated 1st of Class) from the homonym Department of ATEI of Larissa, Greece.

Panos has been a Researcher in the following European, UK or Greece wide Research projects (his involvement, time wise, is shown in parenthesis) :

Selected Publications

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