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I've done away with the official photograph, here's one of me relaxed at home...

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Computing Department
Lancaster University
Lancaster, UK

Tel: +44 1524 510365

Some career information

I went to school at Errington Primary School, Marke-by-Sea
then High Wych JMI, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire and then Newport Grammar School in Essex and then Acklam Sixth Form College in Middlesbrough which has changed somewhat since.
From October 1979 to September 1984 I studied at Aston University and left with a B.Sc in Human Communication and Russian (no links cos the courses have shut since!) and an M.Sc in Information Tecnology.
In November 1984 I took up a position at Lancaster University as a Research Associate within the UCREL Group , based in the Department of Linguistics. The project was funded by ICL and the aim was to produce a context-sensitive spelling checker based on the probabalistic approach of other UCREL projects. For example, it would be able to spot mistakes in the use of there and their. The project ran until 1986. See Atwell and Elliott, 1987.
In January 1987 I started to work on a project which supplied IBM with data for their speech-recognition systems. During this project I had my first taste of system administration, as IBM gave the project two IBM 6150 RT workstations.
In August 1989 I was appointed to the post of Systems Programmer in the Department of Computing.

Non-work information

I have lots of interests outside work. Firstly, I am a christian and a member of Lancaster Baptist Church.
I'm an enthusiastic rambler, although my enthusiasm is usually greater than the available time. Lancaster is handy for getting to the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. I'm a bit of a cyclist. Often I don't do any more than cycle to work, but I sometimes go for a ride on Saturdays and Sundays. Some of the best holidays I have had have been cycling holidays in France organised by a company called Headwater Holidays.

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