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The ReMMoC (Reflective Middleware for Mobile Computing) project was a collaboration between Lancaster University and Bell Labs UK, Lucent Technologies. The project examined the use of reflection and component technology to overcome the problems of heterogeneous middleware technology in the mobile environment.

Project Dates

October 2000 to October 2003

Selected Publications

Paul Grace, Gordon S. Blair and Sam Samuel. "A Reflective Framework for Discovery and Interaction in Heterogeneous Mobile Environments". ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review, 9(1), pp 2-14, special section on Discovery and Interaction of Mobile Services, January 2005. pdf.

Licia Capra, Gordon S. Blair, Cecilia Mascolo, Wolfgang Emmerich and Paul Grace. "Exploiting Reflection in Mobile Computing Middleware". ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review, 6(4), pp 34-44, October 2002. pdf.

Paul Grace, Gordon S. Blair and Sam Samuel."ReMMoC: A Reflective Middleware to Support Mobile Client Interoperability". In Proceedings of International Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications(DOA), Catania, Sicily, Italy, November 2003. pdf.

Paul Grace. "Overcoming Middleware Heterogeneity in Mobile Computing Applications". Ph.D. Thesis. Lancaster University. March 2004. pdf.


  • Paul Grace (Lancaster) - PhD Student
  • Gordon Blair (Lancaster) - Project supervisor
  • Sam Samuel (Bell Labs) - Industrial supervisor

Principal Contact

Paul Grace (Email: p.grace@lancaster.ac.uk)