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Patterns of Cooperative Interaction

This page provides links to the patterns arising out of this project. Ultimately, we would hope for this to build into a resource for designers to draw upon when thinking about the requirements for cooperative systems. For now, the patterns we have are at different levels of completeness and are provided here for information and to provoke comments from other interested parties.

At present, we have stored the patterns as plain html, but this is not necessarily how we envisage our pattern repository being stored in the long term, especially once the number of patterns and interconnections grow. Whilst the patterns are presented here in a relatively unordered list, we can see the need for other ways of ordering and indexing into the full list of patterns. For example, the domain in which pattern examples were found is an obvious candidate for structuring the list.

Each pattern link below goes to a top level page for that pattern which provides an overview for the pattern and links to individual examples or vignettes from particular pieces of fieldwork.

Current list of patterns

We welcome comments and suggestions for improving or adding to our library of patterns. If you want to get in touch with us about this work, please click on the mail link at the bottom of the page.


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