How to Find Things

A guide for information searchers

Version 1.0

David Nichols, Michael Twidale & Mike Hutchison

August 1996

Produced by the Innovation in Higher Education (IHE) Project 1995/6

Support for learning information searching skills

Lancaster University

Copyright © 1996 the authors. Permission to use, copy and distribute without fee for academic use within the UK is granted provided that this copyright notice, the authors and the origin of the document are retained and remain prominent.

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Table of Contents | Introduction | Resources | Search Strategies | Overall Search Strategy | Example Searches | Checklist and Hints & Tips | Glossary and Connection Details


Table of Contents

1. Introduction: resources and strategies

2. Resources

3. Search Strategies

4. Overall Search Strategy

5. Example Searches

6. Checklist and Hints & Tips

7. Glossary and Connection Details


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Last revision: 23rd October 1996