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CAKES 2009

Why is it called 'CAKES'?

Maybe it stands for Computing's Advanced Knowledge Extension Seminars... Maybe it's because we bribe people to attend with a selection of free cakes and drinks? You decide.

CAKES is the group that brings students from Lancaster University Computing Department together for presentations, discussions and social events.

Next 2009 Event

Upcoming Talks

Past Talks

Haitham Rashwan: "On Improving Security of GPT Cryptosystems" Panagiotis Papadimitriou: "A Network Virtualization Architecture for a Future Internet" Fahim Kawsar: "My Mirror Blogs for Me - Enabling End-Users to Fabricate Personalized Smart Objects."

Presentations and Discussions

Past Events

Talks are held throughout the year and announced at least one week before. Typically, presentations by students and researchers are made on projects close to completion, or material about to be presented at conferences and workshops. Periodically, guests speakers from outside the university may also present material. Where no presentations are available, discussions will be offered.

This is a good opportunity to practise your demonstration and gain valuable feedback from a friendly group of your peers.

Social Events

Cakes is also responsible for organising the Computing Department's social events. We hope to get people together once (or more!) each term so that people can get to know each other in a setting outside of work.

Other talks in the department

The department provides a number of reading groups, but no one seems to know who runs what. If anyone wishs to contribute information, please let us know.

Help needed!

The Cakes team is the group of volunteers (normally students from the Computing Department) responsible for organising all of the above. You can help by:

This is for you run by you, so your assistance is crucial to its success!